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Beatus Hofrichter Bildhauer :: Icarus
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Material:  Cristallina
  Colombo Tigrato
Size:  104x55x47cm
Weight: ca. 26 kg
Year: 2010

Icarus or Superbia


The leading sin of the seven deadly sins in the allegory of Icarus.


Icarus falls from the sky by Helios' revenge on Daidalus (Icarus' father) for dishonoring his daughter Pasiphea.

However, Icarus had ignored the advice of Daidalus in coming too close to the sun or staying too low near the sea surface, both of which could harm his construction of wings having feathers attached with honey.


The empty wing is the symbol of the doomed enterprise; here, the trajectory of the father and the son from Lesbos to Sicily mark either ends of the wing, where the father's is more moderate than the one the son chose. In the end all that remains is the non-supportive, hollow frame.