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Beatus Hofrichter Bildhauer :: Femme en fleur (or birth of the arabic venus)

Femme en fleur (or birth of the arabic venus)

Just a revolution?


Revolutions are no diner party

Recession is beyond tea parties

Starvation is the eating flame


Jesus went east

Money goes south

Souls go west and

Thoughts die short


Stars fall shouting

Gravity falls on trees

Sins hover thoughtlessly

Promises are forgotten

Polis were betrayed





Being cut, punctuated, thus desperate

Decomposed, gone in a puff of vapour


Wasteland of emotions

Tasteland of money

Dreamland of soldiers


Buddha goes nowhere

Gandhi starved hopeless

Revelation never started

Moses lost letters


Waveland of prayers

Badlands for hearts

Disneyland for investors


Allah stop in the dessert

Marx was ...

The UN wanted ...

Obama can’t...


Mottos are too high

Lies are not quoted

Voting becomes obsolete

Shouting is no alternative

Revolutions are no diner party



©2011, Beatus Hofrichter


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