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Beatus Hofrichter Bildhauer :: Voyage of Tears
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Material:  Volterra
Size:  40x30x15cm
Weight: ca. 2 kg
Year: 2012

Voyage of tears


Prior and at the onset of the Arabic Spring or Jasmin revolution a humanitarian crisis happened silently in front of the doorstep of southern Europe and peaked in late 2011. People tried to escape from Libya to Lampedusa by boat crossing a passage of approx.. 90 miles.  Nearly 2'000 persons went missing or drowned without being helped - some were washed ashore lifelessly later on. Against international laws rescue for those in need at sea was often too late. On the other hand, Italy and the EU were overwhelmed by this tidal wave of refugees as the Gadhafi regime collapsed. Due to the ongoing instability in the region, the refugee stream continues.


In reflection on those who went lost at sea near Lampedusa then, the need to provide them with a ferry for their lost souls was important to me. As part of their Arabic heritage the ancient believed in a boat carrying the souls to their final destination. This transition stands for the morphosis of refugees' boat turning from being hopeless to sometime soulless. As many didn't make the voyage, their misfortune ended in a voyage of tears for those ashore.