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Beatus Hofrichter Bildhauer :: Mare Mosso
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Material:  Andeer 
Size:  100x35x27cm
Weight: ca. 180 kg




Concrete (a)


Stainless steel(b)

Size (a):


Size (b):  20cm  (h) 3.4cm (ø)
Year: 2012

Mare Mosso (or Green Mermaids)

Human bodies submerged in moving seas. One hardly sees the contours of a person in all the movements, but we instantly feel and realize the presence of somebody out there. Is it a person or is it a myth? Do mermaids exist? Have you ever spotted one in boiling seas?


The moment you believe having detected one on the surface, an illusion may have tricked you - one can look into the direction again but nothing catches the eye. Everything happens under the surface, hidden undercover - similar to a diving body. Thus, everything to us above the water remains a myth. 


In this respect the sea submerges humans or human en mass submerge in the sea. In just an instant, the vast and powerful moving sea can overtake a human tragedy.

Quote to other artist(s):                          


Isaac Julien –  “Small Boats”, a video installation, based a poem by the chinese writer Wang Ping in 2006 (seen at Museum Brandhorst, Munich, Germany)


David Hockney -  "Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two figures)", 1971