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Beatus Hofrichter Bildhauer :: Transitions - structural submerged reflections

Transitions - structural submerged reflections


Rough sea, moved by the winds

Peasant and refugees, torn by the endless wars 

Humans overboard,

People floating in the current


Hidden and invincible

In the dark green of the tossing sea

Disguised in the waves

Smoothly embraced within the waves

Liquid state of a drowning man

Packed in the seamen graveyard sack

Floating toward the ground

In reduced velocity of natural gravitation

Out of thought and out of sights for those aboard and ashore

A mans life within the sea,

A man, a particle in the sea,

Microscopic chance to be spotted and detected

Hopelessly lost without any western gadgets

Hopelessly stranded at sea if SOLAS is neglected

Reaching out but reaching into empty space

Begging hands dismissed shamelessly by central rulers

Any wave may help to dissolve the issue

Rolling high, rolling step, burning bright and burning long

Death of thirst or death by drowning

More than 2’000 within a year

Smuggled peasants vs. public desired uneducated migrants


Man overwhelmed

Man overboard

Man drown

Mare mosso

Calmly dead



©2012, Beatus Hofrichter


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