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Beatus Hofrichter Bildhauer :: Melting down again ...

Melting down again ...


Hot wax meets cold snow

like hot lava meets cold sea


Shapes become unpredictable

Almost like cloud explosions 

or rising heat in the vast skies

or glowing iron on a glacier


The question now will be who to capture the transformation into glass

What will the transparency bring to light?

How controllable is the process?  




New experiences in mold making for kiln casting are tempting the artist


Will he work directly at a negative form or indirectly into a positive shape?

Its torturing him and he is struggling in his approach

Why? How best to deal with it - his imagination is challenged by never ending

Question of a perfect beginning leading to a perfect shape and hence a perfect ending

But such energetic outburst of original natural forces is uncontrollable for the human vanity- 

thus perfection is not what the artist shall seek



but, he shall begin with the first mold making steps...



It snowed again ...

Leading the artist to further five molds

Working directly on negative forms


The snow was colder than the last time,

almost ice letting the wax become more fragile


Applying the plaster at first rather thin 

claiming all contours of the negative shape

once the wax is steamed off


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